Ralita Despandey

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Neha! She is amazing and really cares about his patients and this program. It shows in the quality of care that his patients receive.

I never paid much attention to my health or the way he looked. I was the least conscious when it came to eating to her heart’s content. However, gradually she began to grow heavier, stopped fitting into his clothes and people started to pass rude comments on her weight. That’s when she decided under Dr. Neha guidance  to do something about it and made necessary lifestyle changes. Thanks Dr. Neha for your guidance.

She has truly empowered me in my quest to lose weight, remain lean, and maintain my fitness.

Rabina Murtyt

I have taken advice from Dr. Neha to chose for my weight loss for a variety of reasons. i always feel unhealy and face issue, Dr. Neha advice and provide proper care about my health, After taking her health Program, now i am fit. is the home base of my PCP. I wanted to stay in the network so my PCP and Weight Loss team could communicate. I also wanted somewhere close to me. I read about Dr. Neha and I knew this was the place for my journey to happen.

Madusudan Peloi

“I was 95 kg a year ago, I am 78 kg at present,” Madusudan shared. “I was carrying those extra 25 kg from the last 10 years since college, I never thought I would get slim.”

“I felt there is a need to lose some weight as I was experiencing a lot of people in their 40s having artery blockages and diabetes,” he wrote.

After taking advice from Dr. Neha, she advice  dietary changes, he wrote, “I avoided adding oils, sugar and refined flours like maida in my food. I ate whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and low fat dairy. I almost quit packaged foods like noodles and biscuits.” He also walked for an hour a day.

“And now a year back after losing 17 kg I feel good, lighter, confident, healthy and active,” he wrote,

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