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Hey, This is Neha, Your diet and nutrition expert who will give you valuable tips and tricks for your body’s nutritional needs.

Me and my team will help you discover a dietary solution to most health-related issues. Every individual’s body has unique nutrition needs. Some people might be allergic to one food item or the other. Furthermore, you should know the right amount of food to stay healthy and fit.

For all such purposes, I am here to give you my consultation.

Normal weight loss plan

The main objective of a weight loss plan is to provide you with lifetime knowledge and support as per your unique health status so that you can always enjoy a healthy body and maintain your weight.

Our weight management program is a client-based tailored diet program to fulfil individual requirements and transform you into a dynamic, active, and smart person after abundant weight loss.

Today, obesity is the most fundamental nutritional disorder and a crucial health issue worldwide. Obesity causes various lifetime diseases because the additional fat strains the heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs.

It increases the risk of cancer, Diabetes, heart problems, and other dangerous diseases. That’s why we are here to consult you about how to avoid such threats to your life.

With our weight loss program, you can achieve 100% weight loss results without using any crash diet, meal replacement, or medicines because we always recommend food made with regular kitchen ingredients.

Neha has been catering as a dietician for weight loss in India and abroad for many years and has gained positive feedback from her clients.

Medical diet plan

Diabetes: Diabetes could be type 2 or type 1, the most common lifestyle and metabolic disease. This condition causes high blood sugar levels, which can cause other health problems like lower extremity amputations, blindness, kidney failure, and heart diseases.

We can assist you in creating a healthy diet plan, controlling your blood sugar levels, and making sure you reduce weight. Also, you will get guidance on managing your Diabetes, with your irritable Moods, Improper Energy Balance, Sugar urges, and increased glucose. With us, you can also learn methods to enjoy your life while maintaining good health and sugar.

PCOS/PCOD: Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is an endocrine disorder which is associated with the disturbance of female hormones, which leads to difficulty in ovulation, and irregular menstruations, thus affecting fertility.

We apply methods of nutritional science for PCOS/PCOD to find the hidden trigger of such hormonal imbalances. We will help your body return to normal by suggesting the right diet plan. These tailored diet plans will improve your eating habits and help you achieve health-related goals like losing weight.

Thyroid: When there is a disturbance in your thyroid glands, you can get either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Both conditions can have negative effects on your body.

Hence, we follow a natural approach to adopt a Thyroid diet plan for an effective solution for your thyroid so that you can enjoy the greatest perks.

The proper food will begin to heal your immune system and thyroid, and we will provide the proper diet program to keep this condition at bay.

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