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Embracing Wellness: Nourishing Your Life with the Traditional Indian Diet

  • Transform Your Health with Locally Sourced Indian Pantry Staples and Bloat-Free Nutrition Tips!
  • Rediscover Home-Cooked Delights: Carb-Inclusive Meal Plans for Your Contemporary Indian Kitchen. (Hindi content if required we can add)
  • Join Our Free 3-Day NRI Health Series for Life-Changing Insights into Traditional Indian Wellness!
Feeling the Impact: Navigating Health Challenges Abroad

The struggle for healthy living is real among Indians abroad. And we understand the frustration of being advised to restrict your cultural foods for better health. Fooddies Secretive Table guides you on a health-conscious journey that celebrates your Indian food heritage.

Hearty and Healthy: Traditional Indian Cuisine for Sustained Weight Loss and Well-being

The struggle for Asian Indians to manage pre diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, gut health and the persistent challenge of weight loss can be overwhelming after moving to Abroad.

In Fooddies Secretive Table , Indians in abroad get culturally appropriate diet and nutrition learning for lasting weight loss and health improvements

Take a delicious dive into a desi way to nutrition


Kickstart Your Health Journey: Embrace Balanced Indian Thali Templates with Our 3-Day Plan for Effortless Weight Loss and Wellness.

Say “See Ya Never” to Carb and Fat Fears!

Breaking Free from American Diet Culture with the Indian Plate Method: Rediscover Health and Happiness Through Traditional Eating

Revitalize Your Health: Dive into a 3-Day Kickstarter Indian Meal Plan, Harnessing the Balanced Thali Template to Achieve Your Weight Loss and Wellness Goals with Consistency

Indian Plate Method gets you results without giving up soul satisfying rice for bland oats.

The Indian Plate Method, a non-restrictive eating style, sticks for a lifetime of healthy weight loss by celebrating traditional Indian food wisdom.

The Indian Plate Method: Not Just Another Diet Among Hundreds Diets make you do uncomfortable things like counting calories, cutting carbs, demonizing gluten, badmouthing dairy, and this can be frustrating.

The Indian Plate Method adds nutrition to your favorite cultural foods, giving you bloat free weight loss results without leaving you feeling hungry or deprived.

What You'll Get In The Indian Plate Method?

The all-rounder desi solution to your health concerns:
Explore how the link between farmers and grandma’s wisdom permanently shifts your eating habits for better health and optimal weight loss results (your doctor or nutritionist won’t tell you about).

The unspoken gems of Indian food heritage:
Find out the surprising 6 food combinations, 5 pantry must-haves and 3 meal prepping methods from our beloved Indian food heritage to achieve fast, healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

Find out the surprising 6 food combinations, 5 pantry must-haves and 3 meal prepping methods from our beloved Indian food heritage to achieve fast, healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

3-day Kickstarter Indian meal plan for joyful eating:
See wonderful Indian food ingredients coming together to make a nourishing meal so you can not only lose weight, but beat fatigue, banish bloating and live at 110% every day.

Q & A: Indian Plate Method


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Indulge in Desi Thali Today

Health-Proof Your American Dream With Desi Nutrition Library

Look after your well-being in ABROAD with culturally tailored immigrant nutrition library: your complete guide to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight, manage diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid and achieve optimal gut health.

The nutritional value of Asian Indian diets tends to decrease with longer residence in the ABROAD, putting them at the highest risk of obesity.

Do you ever face unexpected weight gain, bloating, diabetes, cholesterol and hormonal imbalances upon moving to the ABROAD and wonder, “How to overcome health hurdles without having to follow culturally incompatible restrictive diets?”

Navigate Health in the ABROAD with a focus on culture relevant diet for Asian Indian community.

Indian Diet Manual is one-stop desi nutrition library for stress-free healthy living in abroad.

  • Key dietary principles of eating well with traditional Indian meals
  • Local farm-direct resources to navigate NRI food market for healthy Indian pantry.
  • Preventative lifestyle measures to improve health behaviors.

Get The Nutrition That Gets Your Culture

  • Take a deeper look into the elements that combine perfectly in the NRIs Indian Diet Manual to reduce your health struggles and gives you the power of sticking to the traditional way of eating with streamlined Indian
    food resources. All in the one online home and community.
  • Masterclass: Indian Plate Method
  • Learn to structure your Indian meals to stay lean without stressing over calories, to balance blood sugars without removing carbs and improve your gut health without eliminating favorite Indian food groups (gluten & diary).
  • Farm-Direct Local Food Pantry
  • Get food choices right with unprocessed, local Farm-Direct Indian food Pantry and effortlessly add nutrition to your daily Indian meals. It’s a huge sourcing library for you to take what you need for a vibrant home!
  • 4 Week Minimalistic Meal Plan
  • Eliminate decision fatigue with minimalist health approach to meal planning. That way, when the 5 o’clock, “I’m too tired to think about what’s for dinner rolls around,” you’re already sorted.
  • 20+ Recipes for Ghar का Khana
  • See wonderful Indian food ingredients coming together to make a nourishing meal so you can not only lose weight, but beat fatigue, banish bloating and live at 110% every day.
  • Guide to Non-toxic Kitchen Essentials
  • Guide to toxin free storage, cookware and water: What to avoid, what materials are safe and where to get the best products.
  • 11 Gut Healthy Ancient Superfoods
  • Address Gut inflammation and strengthen Immune system with these 11 native superfoods. Get the health benefits, usage instruction and “where to buy” links.
  • Fix Your Top 6 Nutrient Deficiency
  • Discover top 6 nutrient deficiency in Indians and how to fix it with targeted and high quality supplements and “where to buy” links.
  • 20+ Healthy Convenience Foods
  • Eat smart without sacrificing nutrition by picking the right packet food. Get the scanning app that helps you decode the labels and ingredients.

FOODDIES SECRETIVE TABLE Mission: Enrich the lives of Indians in NRI with more health, joy and more of the flavors that remind of Ghar Ka Swad.

  • The one that sets a strong health legacy.
  • N Trusted Indian Nutritionist Neha Shah.
  • I am not a kind of nutritionist that will tell you to add some tofu because Dal has more carbs than protein. I am here to revolutionize your well being, offering a joyful approach to nutrition focusing your cultural Indian food preferences.
  • You won’t get “sexy weight loss high protein” Indian diet plan.
  • In FOODDIES SECRETIVE TABLE [FST], you get to experience joyride to health on a foreign soil, the desi way.

What You’ll Miss If You Don’t Get Indian Diet Manual

  • Miss the opportunity for living a well way of life in NRI with ease & peace.
  • Miss out on sustainable weight management without diet restrictions.
  • Miss the joy of nourishing your body with your Indian comfort foods.
  • Eating traditional is a no-brainer solution to sustainable good health.
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