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Yes, we provide home-based workout plans that do not require any type of equipment.

Our expertise lies in Weight Loss Diet Plans, Fat Loss Diet Plans, Inch Loss Diet Plans, PCOS/PCOD Diet Plans, Thyroid Diet Plans, Diabetes Diet Plans, High BP Diet Plans, and Pre-Natal/Post-Partum Diet Plans.

We target a 3-5 kgs reduction in 1 month. However, we do not guarantee a specific weight loss as it is a complete metabolic process that differs from individual to individual. It also depends on how religiously you follow the diet plan.

No, we only provide you with diet plans along with recipes that can be easily cooked at home.

Our USP is that we treat our clients with their medical conditions without the use of any medications. Hence, it is sustainable in the long run.

In most cases, if the diet is followed properly results will definitely show up. However, we will be always there to guide you during your weight loss journey if your results are slow.

You may choose a plan based on your goal, current body weight, and medical condition. You can also connect with us on WhatsApp if you are still confused.

Normal Diet plans are for those with no medical condition such as High or Low Blood Pressure (BP), Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, etc., and just want to lose weight.

If you don’t have any medical condition, you may choose the normal diet plan which helps in weight loss.

If you have any medical condition from any of the mentioned above then you may choose the medical diet plan as it is medically curated to treat that medical condition as well as helps you to lose weight.

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